Leaders In A Long Lost World

“Leaders In A Long Lost World” is about AI/ and identity and how the way online communities mirror real world ones.

Are We Closer

This video captures the feeling of what it’s like to consume media today with content and images mixed with cat gifs next to rioters and devastated rainforests.

The music video features visuals by the Miro Shot Collective. It explores the way we communicate with each other, and how we are more connected today than ever before in our history. It’s about tech, fake news, Brexit, social media and digital human interactions.

Boston Dynamic

A collaborative piece made by the artists in the collective. “Boston Dynamic” has contributions from NASA’s JPL, the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies Dynamic Systems Lab with footage of their work in robotics and machine learning, and HaptX, a company that has developed a glove that enables realistic sensations in virtual environments.

Boston Dynamic looks at AI, digital realities, technology in the modern world, and how these can bring us together.


“Lifeforms” is available on Spotify, with the music video release to be announced in the upcoming weeks.

“Lifeforms” explores the themes of data, technology, social media, gaming and online culture. This song is about online bullying, trolls and the way that people can feel anonymous online, and how this can bring out the worst in human nature. 

The video was developed with the same technology used for facial recognition and computer/ machine vision in a collaboration between the Miro Shot Collective and INTUS with Touch Designer.

Footage from the band’s experimental live immersive concerts, recording sessions and archival content was processed with Touch Designer to generate visible particles, cells and veins. These ‘sticky’ visuals demonstrate how computer vision systems refine images by capturing light and texture for surface mapping and turning these data points into edges, colors and other visual characteristics. 

Visuals by the Miro Shot Collective feature environment artist and game developer Federico Zubani, Christopher Nolan’s VRX supervisor and feature film director Hazraf Dullul and Jacopo Baboni Schilingi’s piece “Argo” that was a part of the Grand Palais exhibition “Artists and Robots” in Paris in 2018. A full list of contributors to the “Lifeforms” music video will be released with the music video.

With INTUS Interactive Design, Miro Shot focused on creating an innovative communication experience for technology education, accessibility, and creative design. Live visual rigs running Touch Designer and the program with INTUS will bring these visuals to Miro Shot’s immersive concerts in real-time.