The Collective

The band began staging DIY versions of their VR performances while based in an east London warehouse in 2017. They’d fill the building with smoke and blend the atmosphere of a gig with the sense of being physically present in the non-physical world that VR presents. They tested this notion in underground performances in cinemas and warehouses across Europe, and at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Amsterdam. Sometimes, people would look at their hands to check where they are, and to see if it was real or not.

Over time, word of mouth of these shows led the group to attract creatives from across the globe, forming the Miro Shot Collective that currently has over 600 members worldwide, many of whom contribute to the vision of an open source band.

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With the tools available to the tech world, the band transformed into a model that the tech industry would find oddly similar to that of startup because “why not add coders and designers to the band on top of drums and synths?”

The Miro Shot Collective was created to support artists, showcase their work, and promote collaboration between its members. Whether you are an established artist or someone who would like to learn, we will help you find the tools, resources, and exposure you need.

Membership is free, and The Collective is growing every day. So far we have worked on everything from film scores to fashion shows, installations to illustrations. If you are interested in joining, please fill in the form below and we look forward to being in touch.