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About Miro Shot

Miro Shot embrace virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence to present a new version of what a band is and can be. Alongside playing regular shows, the band also create multi-sensory mixed reality performances for audiences that are truly one-of-a-kind. Starting in 2017, Miro Shot began staging DIY versions of their VR performances while based in an east London warehouse, but have expanded their remit to perform in art galleries and churches across Europe. 

Miro Shot Shows

Using the latest in immersive technology, Miro Shot’s exclusive shows are experienced using their bespoke VR application with the audience switching between reality and virtual worlds while the band play live. These events last around 10 minutes to enable the maximum amount of people to experience it. The band has performed internationally with residencies in Paris, London & Amsterdam. The project is a window into the way we will experience music, events, and content in the future, and has already received an amazing response despite these shows being underground/pre-launch events.

Much of the content used in these shows is created through the Miro Shot Collective.

The Collective

As well as creating content for the live shows, The Collective has also collaborated to create the videos for the singles ‘Leaders In A Long Lost World’ and ‘Boston Dynamic’.

The Miro Shot Collective was created to support artists, showcase their work, and promote collaboration between its members. Whether you are an established artist or someone who would like to learn, we will help you find the tools, resources, and exposure you need. Membership is free, and The Collective is growing every day. So far we have worked on everything from film scores to fashion shows, installations to illustrations.